Administrative Governance

     This performance area looks into six areas: local legislation, development planning, revenue generation, resource allocation & utilization, customer service & human resources management. This area of governance obtained an average rating of 4.086. Service areas with excellent performance are on human resources & development and development planning. Areas needing improvement are, according to ranked priorities: 

 1. revenue generation View Larger
 2. resource allocation and      utilization
 3. customer service- civil      applications
 4. local legislation

     A review on the self-assessment tool reveals that the efficiency of the revenue generation system is weak with 4 of the indicators on the negative. One major remedy that is being implemented is the on-going computerization project focused on revenue generation.

     On resource allocation and utilization, there is a need to strengthen management & coordination processes in budgeting & accounting because of the need to effectively allocate and optimally utilize resources.

     The civil application system needs to be transformed into a seamless transactional process and ensure the ease of obtaining civil registry and real property documents.

Statement of Reports

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