Municipality of Cabatuan Directory
Office of the Mayor
Dominic John Quitalib
Office of the Vice-Mayor
Ma. Sanita Ritz C. Pascual
Office of the Sanguiniang Bayan
Imelda B. Bonilla
Office of the Mun. Accounting
Christine V. Entera
Office of the MPDC
Maripaz B. Roscal
Office of the Mun. Treasurer
Cenita M. Cariaga
Office of the Mun. Budget
Eva D. Manibog
Office of the Mun. Assessor
Willie C. Martin
Office of the Mun. Engineering
Roger S. Ramos, C.E.
Office of the Mun. Registrar
Melinda R. Mendoza
Office of the Mun. Cooperative
Franklin P. Macugay
Office of the Mun. Agriculture
Norlando T. Manibog
Personnel Services
Rizza G. Pascual
Administrative Services
Randy M. Cadiente
Permit & Lisences
Fred B. Subillaga, Jr.
Operation of Public Market
Joel Vea
Operation of Water System
Gregorio P. Topinio
Municipal Health Center
Dra. Ma. Daisy S. Disierto
Office of the MSWD
Guiller Artates
Information Technology Office
Honey Jane M. Duran
Cabatuan Rescue Team
Rafael Sandan

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