Economic Governance

     For this Municipality, this governance area looks into the service area giving support to agriculture sector and the service area of enterprise, business and industry promotion. The two service areas give an average of 3.85 to this governance area.

     Programs, projects and activities supporting agriculture obtained a high but not excellent rating but the service area on entrepreneurship, business and industry promotion obtained a fair rating of 3.04


     As a priority area, Entrepreneurship, Business and Industry Promotion has to exert more to institutionalize a business friendly environment. For one, business permitting & licensing has to be improved further. To be able to harness its micro, small & medium enterprises to boost the local economy, support services to these businesses such as tax incentives, product labeling, product packaging and training has to be provided.

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Organization of Farm Service Providers

Renovation of Cabatuan Integrated Agricultural Pilot & Training Center


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