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Administrative Governance:  This performance area looks into six service areas: local legislation, development planning, revenue generation, resource allocation & utilization, customer service-civil applications & human resources management and development.

This performance area of governance obtained an average rating of 4.66. Service areas with excellent performance denoted by a rating of 5 are on local legislation and human resource management and development.  Development planning and customer service-civil applications have ratings of 4.95 and 4.80, respectively, high ratings, nevertheless, but not excellent. Resource allocation & utilization is rated fair at 3.75. The service area of revenue generation has a rating of 4.44.

Local legislation is commendable for its support to the executive agenda, its system of tracking on local legislations, its ability to craft and enact the essential  ordinances which support administrative functions, regulatory mandates, corporate objectives and the social, economic and environmental management in the municipality.

Likewise, human resource management and development is laudable in the transparency of its processes in personnel recruitment and selection, the presence and functionality of grievance machinery, the availability of staff development programs, the recognition of good performance and the importance given to permanent nature of appointments.

Social Governance:  This governance area looks into four areas: health services, support to education services, support to housing & basic utilities,   peace, security, and disaster risk management.  These service areas contribute to the governance area’s  average of 4.61, a high but not excellent rating.

The service area that contributed the highest for the sector is support to housing and basic utilities with an excellent rating of 5.  Health sector garnered a score of 4.80, a high but not excellent rating. Peace,  Security  & Disaster Risk Management hurdled a rating of 4.47, hence, the priority area for improvement to be able to garner an excellent rating in the future.  The service area which contributed the lowest to the sector is support to education services with a rating of 4.19, a high but not excellent rating.

The presence of databases in the service area of housing and basic utilities resulted in an excellent rating which shall be made sustainable every year.

Economic Governance:   For this Municipality, this governance area looks into the service area giving support to agriculture sector and the  service area of enterprise, business and industry promotion. The two service areas give an average of 4.49 to this governance area. 

Support to agriculture sector obtained a rating of 4.48. Entrepreneurship, business, and industry promotion acquired a rating of 4.51.  Both service areas have high but not excellent ratings.

The LGU is  impressive in its efforts at improving infrastructures supportive to agriculture especially the road concreting projects thereby  greatly improving the accessibility of agricultural areas and  the faster mobility of people, goods and services thru the aforementioned projects with support from national government agencies.

Environmental Governance:  This governance area obtained a performance rating of 4.94, a high rating but not yet excellent.  The municipality has exerted efforts at improving its urban ecosystems management but more has to be done to attain an excellent rating. This service area is rated 4.88. Its freshwater ecosystem management is excellent at 5.

On Valuing Fundamentals of Good Governance

This performance area reveals how LGU-Cabatuan, Isabela  has valued and observed the fundamentals of good governance namely participation, transparency and financial accountability.  Participation as a fundamental value of good governance attained a rating of 5. Two  of the three pillars  of good governance, namely: transparency and financial accountability, achieved high but not excellent rating of 4.53 and 4.83, respectively.  

This performance area has a high but not excellent rating of 4.79.

Participation has become an excellent-rated  fundamental of good governance with representation of non-government organization/people’s organizations and/or private sector in all of the local special bodies (Local Development Council, Local Health Board, Local School Board and Peace and Order Council).


Administrative Governance:  A review on the self-assessment tool reveals that the efficiency of the revenue generation system is weak with two of the indicators on the negative. These pertain to the absence of incentive scheme in real property assessment and tax collection, and  non-imposition of civil remedies in tax delinquencies.  It is in these two service areas that Management has to formulate strategies and actions to be able to promote efficiency in real property tax collection.

On resource allocation and utilization, the rating of the service area will improve by understanding the indicators of the tools. 

Social Governance:  The service area on health services has to make its Local Health Board functional with a meeting every month or as often as necessary supported by minutes of meeting as proof of its functionality to be able to attain an excellent rating of 5.

As to support to education, this service area can better provide for the needs of elementary and secondary education with the inclusion of programs, projects and activities of the LSB as outlined under Section 100 and Sec. 272 of the Local Government Code of 1991, and Art. 363 of the Implementing Rules and Regulations of the Local Government Code of 1991 specifically educational research and purchase of books and periodicals.

Economic Governance: Programs, projects and activities supporting agriculture obtained a high but not excellent rating of 4.49.  It is indicative of the LGUs dependence to support of the national government. The service area on entrepreneurship, business and industry promotion obtained a high but not excellent rating of 4.51.  The processing time for business permits takes 15-30 mins which is a medium range processing time. Business permitting and licensing system has to be improved further.

The LGU had embarked on computerization of its business permitting linked with the accounting office, and  budgeting office.  However, computerization has become just computer-aided transactions and business permitting although re-engineered is now taking more than 30 minutes of transaction.

Environmental Governance: Environmental protection  is  anchored on the improvement of solid waste collection practices and pollution control and proper solid waste management are essential in preserving the integrity of the environment.  This service area on urban ecosystem management can be further enhanced with the improvement of the operations of materials recovery facilities in the barangays. The barangay local government units shall be reminded of their mandated functions through the Municipal Local Government Operations Officer.

Valuing Fundamentals on Good Governance: On financial accountability, the management shall impose liquidation of cash advances strictly within the period allowed by Commission on Audit Circular No. 97-002 to be able to attain an excellent rating of five and improve the operations of the local government unit.

On improving transparency of governance, the LGU has to create its own website where it can disseminate every program, project and activity that it is planning to undertake and has already accomplished.  The broadcast media can also be fully utilized by the LGU for information dissemination activities.







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