About the seal

1949 – The creation of the Municipality on November 5,1949 through Executive Order 293 issued by President Elpidio Quirino.

Big Circle – Continuity of the existence of the Municipality.

Sun – The source of life gives strength to the people of the town.

Coat of Arms – Cabatuan as part of the Republic of the Philippines.

Mountain Ranges – The municipality is situated within the Cagayan Valley and at the Central part of the Province of Isabela.

Ricefields – The major crop is rice, thanks to the Magat Dam.

Church – The dominant religion of the town is Roman Catholic.

Warehouse & Rice Mill – The municipality has the most number of warehouses and rice mills in the region.

Magat River – The main source of irrigation water making the town harvest rice, at least twice a year.

Small Circle – The solidarity of the inhabitants of the town.

Corn & Tobacco Fields – The secondary crops of the town.

Laurel Leaves – Depict the victory of the people in all the adversities in life.

Ideal Family – The goal of the municipality in achieving an ideal number in a family.

Upraised Hands – Represent the NGA’s and LGU in their cooperation efforts in uplifting the lives of the people.

Color Gold – Strength, being a model to all towns in the country.

Color Deep Red – Seekers of right, awareness of the people of Cabatuan(political, social, etc.)

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