Geographic Size and Location

The early inhabitants of the vast forested land were the Kalinga who are indigenous to the Mountain provinces. These settlers lived on tree houses which they built along the banks of the bountiful and mighty Magat River. These sturdy, dark complexioned, G-stringed, soldier-like people depended on hunting, fishing and a little of agriculture and poultry.

The municipality is accessible by land through the major road networks constructed by the national and provincial government and its barangays are accessible through a very good road network constructed by all levels of government.

By air, the municipality can be reached through the nearby Cauayan City airport, about thirty minutes away by a private car or vehicle.

Topography and Slope

The topography of the municipality is characterized entirely by broad and level plains with almost 88% (7,107.76 hectares) of the whole area having a slope of 0 to 2.5% making the municipality highly suitable for agriculture utilizing the irrigation method. An area estimated at about ten percent (807.70 hectares) of the total territory has a slope of 2.5%% to 5% where irrigation is also widely used. About two percent (161.54 hectares) of the land area has a slope of 5.1% to 10% where the built-up area of the poblacion is located.

There are six (6) creeks found in the municipality which can be harnessed more for irrigation purposes, namely: Pacarcar Creek, Macañao Creek, Ubbog Creek, Marabolig Creek, Balaobao Creek and Gaddanan Creek. At its northern fringes lie the mighty Magat River, a natural boundary with the Municipality of Aurora.

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