Social Services: The municipality provides basic social services in its sub- sectors:   housing,   health,  education,  protective   services,   sports   and recreation, and social welfare services.


Housing: The local government unit has embarked on providing core shelter to homeless families in partnership with the Department of Social Welfare and Development. It is working towards the attainment of zero-housing backlog. Currently, the Municipality has constructed 70 units of core shelter project and has on-going construction of 18 CSP units in Pariir, Saranay.   Another housing resettlement site in La Paz is undergoing land development.


Economy: The municipality has an agriculture-based economy.  Almost 88% of its land area is utilized for rice-crop farming, corn and high value commercial crops.  Most commercial activities and skilled services cater to the needs of agriculture industries. The municipality is classified by the Department of Finance as a third class municipality.