Short History!

The early inhabitants of the vast forested land were the Kalinga who are indigenous to the Mountain provinces. These settlers lived on tree houses which they built along the banks of the bountiful and mighty Magat River. These sturdy, dark complexioned, G-stringed, soldier-like people depended on hunting, fishing and a little of agriculture and poultry. More.

Early Cabatuanses

Pioneering Ilocanos

Kalinga – Ilocano Encounters

Barrio of Cabatuan & Early Politics

Second World War

Graphical Size and Location

Cabatuan, Isabela occupies a land area of 8,077 hectares. It lies in the southwestern part of the Province of Isabela bounded on the North by the Municipality of Aurora, on the East by the Municipality of Luna, on the West by the Municipality of San Mateo and on the South by the Municipality of Cauayan. Its territorial boundaries are more specifically delineated under Executive Order 293 issued by President Elpidio Quirino on November 5, 1949..

Basic Info
   Founded: November 5, 1949     No. of Barangays: 22
   Population(2010): 37,355     Sinilyasi Festival
   Product: MORIECOS     Dialect: Ilocano (94%)
   Employment Rate (2010): 74.89%     Land Area: 8, 077 hectares
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